Weekday Special

Ontama Benedict

Ontama is japanese style poached egg.
Ontama benedict is served with ontama on a sliced toast topped with homemade Yuzu miso hollandaise sauce and main(grilled salmon, pulled pork or vegetable).
1 piece $9.50
2 pieces $14.50

Reservattion Special

2 days in advance

Yama Omakase Obento $20.00~

Main meal, rice, appetizer, nukazuke,and small baked goods. You can choose main meal (meat, fish or vegetable).
e.g. Saba Bento (Mackerel Bento) $30.00

Whole Cake $35.00~

The basic strawberry shortcake(6 inch) $35.00
Matcha mouce cake(6 inch) $55.00

We have more choices (different size and flavors). Please ask us!
1 week in advance

Omakase Dinner Course $50.00~

7 course omakase dinner using seasonal ingredients - Enjoy an authentic Japanese dinner! (After 6pm)

Afternoon Tea Set $40.00~

Your choice of tea with an assortment of Yama desserts, and a light meal (available between 2-4 pm)

Not available at the current time
Contact us for more details!!